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The Ultimate Training Plan for a Stronger, Healthier “Package”

Power up your package and sexual performance.

“Fitness Routine” usually conjures up whatever gets you more endurance or stronger muscles. But devoting a little time to a few routines and developing new habits can also result in a stronger, healthier penis. Think of it as Third Leg Day.

Peak-performing junk (penis, balls, prostate, and pelvis—the whole enchilada) puts bathroom breaks under your control and houses sperm that are both plentiful and swift. Whether you think your package is working great, struggling, or doing something in between, these tips will help you get your gear in gear.

How to optimize your package if you are basically fine

That means everything is working okay—you just want to keep it that way.

Raise the frequency

Men who had sex less than once a week had a higher risk of erectile dysfunction than guys who did it at least once a week, according to a study in The American Journal of Medicine, making it one of the most useful (and fun!) ways to keep your penis strong. Even better, DIY sex is good, too. If you’ve noticed that you have a hard time maintaining an erection or reaching orgasm without, say, watching certain videos on the Internet, then you might want to try an orgasm ban during sex, even for a day, says sex educator Lawrence A. Siegel. This shifts the focus away from the endpoint and toward pleasure in the moment.

Find the right stuff for your stuff

When jock itch is driving you nuts, bypass online advice to apply apple–cider vinegar, cocoa butter, or Vicks VapoRub—they can leave you more uncomfortable without helping—and start with an OTC antifungal cream (like Lotrimin). Then avoid repeat infections: Put those boxer briefs on carefully at the gym and treat athlete’s foot and sweaty shoes with an antifungal powder, says MH dermatology advisor Corey L. Hartman, M.D.

Wrap it

Rates of the most reportable sexually transmitted infections have surpassed pre-pandemic levels, according to the CDC. At last estimate, one in five people in the U. S. has an STI. If you’re convinced condoms are still nothing but barriers to pleasure, you haven’t checked out the market for a while. P. S. condoms are known for feeling as if there’s nothing there. Skyn condoms have a soft texture and are non-latex.

How to optimize if you are sort of fine

“Sort of fine” means you have problems getting or keeping it up—and maybe bladder leakage. Things may also look slightly . . . off?

Add a daily workout

Treat your pelvic floor like the muscles it’s made of and do isometric contraction sets. These Kegels improve bladder control and “have been shown to allow men to control ejaculations and enhance orgasm,” says Jamin Brahmbhatt, M.D., an assistant professor of urology at UCF College of Medicine. Tighten the muscles that stop your pee midstream for 3 seconds, relax them for 3, and repeat 10 times. Aim for 3 sets a day.

Get that checked out

Pimples? Bumps? Rashes? Go to a doctor to figure out what’s going on. Yes, there are apps out there where you can take a photo of your stuff and get a diagnosis of what’s up, but MH urology advisor Elizabeth Kavaler, M.D., says that using an app to detect an STI is “totally crazy.” You can order an at-home STI test kit, but if what you have isn’t an STI, the kit can’t tell you what the trouble actually is. Only a real live doctor can do that.

How to optimize if you are not fine

In other words, “not fine” is when you can’t maintain an erection. And the urge to urinate is all the time.

Bolster your bladder

If “drip” describes your latest bathroom trip, you may have benign prostatic hyperplasia, a usually innocuous yet annoying enlarged prostate gland. The good news is that there are many treatments after diagnosis. Talk to your doctor about saw-palmetto extract, a supplement that can reduce urinary symptoms for some men, says Dr. Kavaler. Prescription drugs and minimally invasive surgeries can also help.

Eliminate the negative

Having a hard time staying hard? Maybe it’s your attitude. Men with higher levels of suspicious jealousy concerning their mate tend to have higher levels of erectile dysfunction, according to research by Gavin Vance at Oakland University. One way to cut through the envy is with sensate-focus therapy, a technique that uses touch, like holding hands, to decrease anxiety and increase intimacy.

Seek treatment for ED

If you’ve ruled out pills due to side effects or preexisting conditions, consider injectables. Sounds scary, but intracavernosal injections do the same thing as pills—increase blood flow—and people who use them consistently have high satisfaction rates, according to a 2019 study. Just stay skeptical of shock-wave therapy, says Dr. Kavaler. Using high-frequency ultrasound to irritate the penis lining as a way to help new cells grow and increase blood flow is being investigated, but its marketing may be stronger than the evidence—at least right now.



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