Goeie middag Dr Potgieter

Ek wil net weer baie dankie se vir die uitstekende diens en behandeling wat ek wat ek van Dr. ontvang het.
Ek voel al sommer baie beter. Die hospitaal is ook baie netjies en skoon. Die diens daar is ook puik, en ek sal enige persoon aanbeveel om na die urologiese hospitaal toe te gaan, en van Dr. se dienste gebruik te maak.

Louis van Nieuwenhuizen

The Annandale family

May you have a very blessed year.

Will you please tell Dr Boezaart that the Annandale family thinks of him often with very fondness and love. Our son turns 27 this year. What he did for our little Superman all those years ago is often talked about and we still pray for Dr Boezaart. He gave us a healthy child and a future with our son. We will always be grateful for what he did for us.

May you be blessed for years to come.

Love and good wishes…

The Annandale family

Roland Jones

Word of Appreciation and Thanks to the Staff of Ward G Let me open by saying that I was admitted to the Urology Hospital three times over the period 31 August – 22 October 2020. I spent time in Ward G, Ward B, ICU and again in Ward G. I must say that wherever I was I received wonderful care from all the staff. They were always friendly and helpful. Clearly a principle that is practiced throughout the hospital. Thank you all for that and your professionalism. I spent a bit more time in Ward G so obviously interacted a bit more with the staff there. Other than their observation of the principle of friendliness and helpfulness as already referred to above by the hospital staff in general, I would like to mention one or two incidents that particularly drove me to write this letter and focus on this staff in particular. At one point I shared a room with an elderly gentleman who required constant care. A nurse was allocated to him “permanently”. He was a little disorientated due to other health issues, but the nurses who tended him did so with so much respect and care. After being in the hospital for the third time, this time quite unexpectedly, I found that I was running out of some toiletries that I thought I may need to replenish within a day or two. I happened to mention this to one of the staff asking whether I could visit the little shop in the hospital. At the time it wasn’t possible for me to leave the ward, but she assured me not to worry. The next day she brought me the items from her home. I was dumbfounded!! I couldn’t believe that she had done this out of the goodness of her heart. Unbelievable caring. Lastly, is the trouble that some of the staff took just to greet me at some point during the day. I was being treated for a virus or condition so was restricted to the red-tape part of the ward. Staff would still stand on the other side of the tape or a distance outside my room, just to share a greeting. Thank you for your patience in letting me share my appreciation of your staff with you. I would really appreciate if you would convey my sentiments of gratitude to them. Yours faithfully,

Corne Smit

Wow wow wow. Thank you Thank you More Lee-Anne and Dr Lourens. Myself and Nardus would like to thank you with all we have in our hearts for understanding and helping us. Words cannot express the appreciation and relief that you have given us. What a great, clean and safe hospital.

Graham Dominy (PhD Former National Archivist of South Africa)

Dear Mr Anthony and Mr Tredoux. I was admitted to the Urology Hospital on 3 September and discharged on 6 September 2020. I was a patient of Dr Laurie Blake and underwent various tests and a TURP procedure. The purpose of this message is to express my thanks and gratitude to all the staff of the Urology Hospital for the kindness, the care and the professionalism with which I was treated. I was very impressed by the day ward and theatre staff and by Dr Blake and his team for the efficient and highly professional treatment I received. The staff who undertook the earlier tests were also very friendly and comforting. Once I was admitted to A Ward I had nothing but superb service. Not only were the nursing staff efficient and kindness itself but they went out of their way to be friendly and helpful. I do not remember all the names, but I would particularly like to single out Sister Belinda and her team. As somebody who has headed a complex institution during my career, it was obvious to me that I was not only dealing with nice people, but with an institutional culture that put the interests of the patients at the heart of what they were doing. So I include the board and management of the hospital in my thanks because they are responsible for selecting the fine people who are now working at the hospital, training them, motivating them and giving them all the authority and support they need to do their jobs. Once more, many thanks and blessings on the work you do.

Amanda (and Ben) Nel

Dear Mr Anthony

As an employee of one of the doctors, and the wife of the patient, I went through an admission with my husband last Friday, not the first one.  Related to sequelae of prostate cancer treatment.  At least I was allowed in the building because I work here, Covid has sure changed our world negatively!  From the word go, everyone that crossed his (and my) path was so friendly and helpful and reassuring – I just want them to know it’s not taken for granted, you do it 100 times each day but for the patient who is nervous and scared and in pain its like a first.  Your kindness to me eased my stress levels too.

From the front door screening process, admissions (Monique), the staff of day ward, the anaesthetist Dr D vd Merwe, Dr Lance Coetzee, Hendre Vivier from Endovision, the cleaners, the kitchen staff – a huge thank you!!!

May you be blessed always.



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