What to expect

  • Medical aid patients should present their medical aid card and identity document/passport on admission.
  • Private patients need to present their identity document/passport and will be required to pay the estimated cost on admission.
  • Unless otherwise requested by your doctor, patients should arrive 2-3 hours before scheduled theatre time and report to the information desk.
  • Patient admissions will be prioritised according to theatre times.
  • Inquire at reception for free patient WiFi.
  • Additional patient WiFi packages can also be purchased.
  • At The Urology Hospital we respect patient privacy.
  • In order to protect patient confidentiality, you are not allowed to take photos of patients in the hospital.
  • Any firearm brought into the hospital by a patient/visitor must be handed in at security for safe keeping.
  • The firearm will be returned to you upon discharge.
  • Only law enforcement officers who are on duty, will be permitted to keep their firearms on their person.
  • The Urology Hospital is a smoke free facility.
  • Smoking is at all times prohibited on the hospital premises.
  • Smokers (patients only) may utilise the dedicated area should it be required.
  • Please note that the hospital accepts no responsibility when you choose to smoke and you have been advised against it by the nursing staff.
  • No telephone information about a patient’s progress/condition will be shared in accordance to the POPI Act.
  • A dedicated contact person’s detail should be provided on admission.
  • Parking is at own risk.
  • All medical aid accounts are submitted electronically to the medical aid after discharge, however members remain responsible and liable for the account until full settlement by the medical aid/member.
  • Items not covered by your medical aid must be settled on discharge, i.e. private room fees, telephone calls, levies and co-payments, etc.
  • Services provided by specialists, anaesthesiologists, radiologists, pathologists, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals will not be included in the hospital account and will be charged separately by the different practices.
  • A dietician may prescribe a specific diet for you upon request from your doctor.
  • Special meals (kosher and halaal) are available on request.
  • Please inform the admissions staff of your dietary requirements.
  • Infant formula is not supplied.
  • Parents supply their own formulas and bottles.
  • You are requested to participate in all monitoring systems the hospital promotes to improve the quality of service whilst in hospital. You may also share your experience during your hospital stay by emailing urology@urology.co.za
  • All patients, family and friends have the right to complain.
  • The complaint will be investigated thoroughly, promptly and impartially and appropriate feedback will be provided.
  • A complaint should be lodged as soon as possible and not later than one month after the event has occurred.
  • The complaint should be lodged verbally or in writing to the Unit Manager or Executive Nursing Manager whilst in hospital.
  • In the event that the patient is unable to lay the complaint themselves then a complaint may be lodged on behalf of the patient.
  • On discharge please collect your take home medication (TTO medication) from the Pharmacy.
  • A pink discharge note is issued in the ward that needs to be presented at the pharmacy.
  • Most medical aids do not have specific benefits for TTO medication and the TTO script will be issued through the retail pharmacy from your day-to-day benefits.
  • We recommend that day patients should arrange transport when discharged.
  • It is illegal to drive within 24 hours following anaesthesia. Doing so is at your own risk


Coming To The Urology Hospital

How We Are Doing Our Part In The Fight Against COVID-19

The Urology Hospital is a surgical hospital specializing in the treatment of urological and related conditions. As we are not a respiratory related facility, we will not be actively treating COVID-19 patients. This allows us to continue providing surgical treatment to all our urology related patients and we will gladly accommodate you in this regard.

The safety of our patients and colleagues is our number one priority. Your healthcare is important to us and we are actively working with and following guidance from the National Department of Health and the NICD (National Institute for Communicable Diseases).

Kindly note the hospital has set up a Covid-19 task team and contingency plan and we are preparing for all eventualities.

Please confirm with your Doctor if you are still able to come for your consultation. However, if you have any of the following signs and symptoms then please cancel your appointment, self-isolate and contact the centralised helpline on 0800 029 999:
• Fever
• Cough
• Sore Throat
• Shortness of Breath
• Headache
• Fatigue/Malaise
• Diarrhoea
• Loss of smell and taste

To support screening for COVID-19, before entering the hospital, all prospective patients will adhere to the following:
• Complete a Travel History form
• Undergo temperature screening

Should any of the following signs or symptoms be found, you will be requested to go home, self-isolate and contact the centralised helpline on 0800 029 999:
• Flu-like symptoms (sore throat, cough or chills)
• Fever of 37.7 or above

NB: Please notify the person doing your Travel History if you’re:
• Over 70
• Have any underlying health conditions
• Are pregnant

To protect our patients and staff from the potential risk of COVID-19, we are currently restricting visiting of patients to exceptional circumstances only.

In an effort to limit the number of patients visiting The Urology Hospital Pharmacy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will only assist our regular retail patients.  If you have a valid repeat script at The Urology Hospital Pharmacy, please call us in advance on 012 423 4036 to make arrangements to obtain your repeat prescription. We will then prepare it for you in advance. When collecting your script bring your purple script copy or previous medicine containers with you to gain access to the hospital.

Should you need to re-arrange an appointment at the Urology Hospital please call: 012 423 4000 or your Doctor’s rooms.

We appreciate your understanding and co-operation.

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