About Us

The Urology Hospital, Pretoria, is a leading hospital specialising in urology.

About The Urology Hospital

We offer rapid access to an expert opinion and provide you with the most appropriate medical care.

More than twenty years ago, a group of Urologists had a vision, the need for a specialist private healthcare facility, catering to the needs of patients with Urological problems. The Urology Hospital, conveniently situated in Hatfield, Pretoria, is the fulfilment of that vision. The hospital is independently owned by shareholders and governed by a board. Today, as a centre of excellence, with advanced technology it is still the only dedicated urological hospital in South-Africa and one of a kind in Africa.  

The Urology Hospital specialises in the treatment of Male, Female and Paediatric Urological conditions, as well as Gynaecology/Urogynaecology, Nephrology and Pelvic Wellness

It was the first hospital in South Africa to perform robotic surgery, implement a robotic pharmacy picking system and now has one of only a handful of 3D laparoscopic surgical units in South Africa. The hospital has undergone major renovations and now offers 127 beds and 8 theatres. The advantages of a specialist hospital are far reaching, the staff is well trained in, and concentrate on Urology, as opposed to a broad spectrum of disciplines as found in a general hospital.

All services are available under one roof and the latest technology is used. Our specialists are affiliated with universities, to ensure continued research and the latest development in urologic medical care.

Our patients can expect a dedicated service with focused attention from our team of experienced doctors and elite medical and administrative staff. We offer rapid access to an expert opinion and provide you with the most appropriate medical care.

The Urology Hospital is taking a new direction. One that builds on the successes of the past and embraces the possibilities of the future. One that will inspire us to become a force to be reckoned with in the medical fraternity and a first choice for people seeking urology and related treatments.

We’ve created a new purpose, a new mission statement, a new vision and an updated set of core values to guide us on our journey to fulfilling our vison of becoming the leading provider of urology and related services in Africa.

We trust you’re as excited about taking this journey as we are.

To treat our patients with utmost care, in the pursuit of enhanced quality of life.

To provide quality healthcare using the latest technology, clinical best practice and innovation, to achieve best possible clinical outcomes, enhanced patient experience and stakeholder value.

To be the leading provider of urology & related services in Africa.