Dawn de Villiers

Dear Dr Lance,

This note is so very long overdue! I am Jarrod McGorian’s mum. Perhaps the time it’s taken me to get around to writing to you has been good because I can now show you in a picture just how incredible you and your team have been. And to offer my deepest gratitude to you. Jarrod has been given a new lease on life.

For ten long years we, as a family, lived through Jarrod’s cancer. Every operation we approached with feelings of hope that there would be a positive change. Every time we were disappointed. And as the years rolled on we began to realise that if nothing changed, nothing would change.

Then things did change… for the worse. But also for the better, because Jarrod met you. And the rest is history.

I cannot express, Dr Lance, as his mother, the gratitude I feel for my precious boy’s life having been given back to him. We know that cancer is a persistent disease and that it can come back. But for now, we trust that Jarrod will stay well and will enjoy many quality years being the awesome young man he is.

Thank you.