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Prostate Cancer: Genetic Testing

The prostate is part of the male reproductive system and its main job is to make fluid for semen. Prostate cancer happens when abnormal cells form and grow in the prostate gland. While not all growths are found to be cancer, those that are cancer can spread to nearby organs and tissues or even to other parts of the body.

Some risk factors for prostate cancer include age, weight, race, and genetics. Men who have a family history of prostate cancer face a higher risk of getting this disease. But, did you know having family members with breast and ovarian cancer can also raise the risk for prostate cancer?

It can be helpful to learn about genetic testing to better prevent, detect and/or treat prostate cancer. Genetic testing helps doctors learn about a gene(s) and its role in disease.  The type of testing performed and treatment options, if needed, will vary for each person, so it is best to talk to your doctor about whether genetic testing is right for you.




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