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Erectile Dysfunction Basics

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is defined as trouble getting or keeping an erection that’s firm enough for sex.

During sexual arousal, nerves release chemicals that increase blood flow into the penis. Blood flows into two erection chambers in the penis, made of spongy muscle tissue. During an erection, the spongy tissues relax and trap blood. The blood pressure in the chambers makes the penis firm, causing an erection. When you are not sexually aroused, the penis is soft and limp.

ED is very common and can be a result of health problems, emotional issues, or both. While men may have some problems with erections from time to time, ED that happens on a regular basis with sex is not normal and should be treated.

Treatments may vary based on the main cause of ED for a man, which is why it is important to talk with your doctor about what may be causing ED. Treatment aims to fix or enhance erectile function, help circulatory health and help the quality of a man’s life.




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Urologists are highly trained specialist surgeons who use both medication and surgery as part of a comprehensive approach to care for men and women and children with urological problems. 


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