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100 Robotic Surgeries in SA

South Africa’s first robot is in Pretoria! Urologists at The Urology Hospital have recently completed the 100th successful robotic operation in only six months. This is a tremendous achievement not only for The Urology Hospital but also for South Africa.
As doctors and patients have embraced this advanced technology, robotic surgery is revolutionising the effectiveness of specialised surgery and the recovery process. At The Urology Hospital, robotic surgery patients are singing its praises. Mr PG Kemp shares about his robotic surgery experience, “ I was in ICU for 1 day (other operations require a 3-day ICU stay) and I was discharged from hospital on the 3rd day! I was quite concerned that I would not be able to be active for a while after the operation as I am a very active person but I have had no major pain since the operation and I even went on a BMW Motorbike trip down to Mosselbay 3 weeks after my Robot Surgery.”
Mr Paul Parsons elaborates on his experience, “I went into ICU after the operation (which is standard procedure) then transferred to a general ward the next morning and discharged from hospital on the fourth day. Weeks later I have no pain and have not experienced any significant discomfort. Three weeks after my operation I travelled over two days (about 1500km) to my holiday destination. I swam and walked a few times about 6 km at a time. Now after about seven weeks, I carry on with my normal activities and it still feels as if I never had major surgery. I am especially excited that I immediately had good bladder control.”


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Urologists are highly trained specialist surgeons who use both medication and surgery as part of a comprehensive approach to care for men and women and children with urological problems. 


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