Mashabela M M

My name is Mashabela Mamugudi, I was admitted from the 10th -13th of November 2023 for what is called Robotic Radical Proctectomy under Dr. KK Ijane.

I would like to appreciate the humble, respectful, and caring attitude of the undermentioned nursing staff on my admission, preparation to theatre, and the care I received for the four days I was under their care, ie.

{I) Sister Maud Shabangu, she welcomed me and my wife in ward B with smiles, jokes, and respect while explaining the ward setup and the preparations to theatre and aftercare thereof. She is such a wonderful soul that soothed my fears of the operation and I went to the theatre with a smile as if I was going for Lunch.

May the good Lord keep her safe for all the patients to experience this warmth during their most difficult times as they come to your hospital

{ii} Jay Ann Rangongo, She is humble and respectful as well, calling me Papa, she took me through the admission checklist explaining each an every element thereof, not just ticking, explaining the theatre set up and showing me and my wife the Robotic machine that is going to be used to perform the operation on her cell phone .Again this boosted my confidence and allayed my fears about the operation.

We wish her good life and prosperity, May the good Lord keep her blessed.

{iii}.Patricia Mokgayi, she is one of the Angels that welcomed me back from theatre as knight staff. Not talkative, just passing greetings and asking us how we feel. Together with Nurse Agnes Maseko they asked to bath me and change the bed linen, yet personally I didn’t see the need but they insisted that I need to ‘ntsha mphufutso wa kua ke tswang,theratr salute their commitment to care.

{iv)Agnes Maseko, The humble and yet not talkative, just making sure that everything is going right, the drip, urine bag, how you feel, assisting us to go to bath in the morning without discrimination, I mean all of us in the cubicle were treated with dignity, each according to his needs.


Conclusion: ‘Ga e le gauta le silibere ga ke na tsona,amogelang di Tebogo tsa ka bana besho.’