Amanda (and Ben) Nel

Dear Mr Anthony

As an employee of one of the doctors, and the wife of the patient, I went through an admission with my husband last Friday, not the first one.  Related to sequelae of prostate cancer treatment.  At least I was allowed in the building because I work here, Covid has sure changed our world negatively!  From the word go, everyone that crossed his (and my) path was so friendly and helpful and reassuring – I just want them to know it’s not taken for granted, you do it 100 times each day but for the patient who is nervous and scared and in pain its like a first.  Your kindness to me eased my stress levels too.

From the front door screening process, admissions (Monique), the staff of day ward, the anaesthetist Dr D vd Merwe, Dr Lance Coetzee, Hendre Vivier from Endovision, the cleaners, the kitchen staff – a huge thank you!!!

May you be blessed always.