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Movember – What Your Moustache Says About You

The moustache as a symbol

The moustache has become a particularly effective symbol to spread awareness for men’s health, but why?

Experts believe it is because it sparks conversation. The moustache has become the equivalent to the “pink ribbon” for breast cancer, and as Movember has become more well-known worldwide it has become the perfect conversation starter. Unlike a pin or badge which could easily be missed, a change in facial hair style is immediately striking – people are bound to notice and ask questions.

As Movember has become more of a movement, you wont be alone in sacrificing your beard or putting down the razor to grow out a moustache! In fact, Movember has created a sense of community and encouraged men to speak about issues that can sometimes be difficult to talk about.

Different types of moustaches

Our physical appearance makes a large first impression, and this is the same for facial hair, too!

Moustaches have evolved through history, and are less common now (outside of the month of November!). Moustaches are also commonly used in film and TV to represent disguise. But what are the typical associations with different moustache styles?

The handlebar moustache

The handlebar moustache is one of the most famous moustache styles. It was particularly popular in the 1970’s and 80’s and had a major resurgence in 2007 as Movemeber became more popular. The handlebar moustache is a heavily styled moustache which often requires a wax to hold it in place – making it one of the most high maintenance of moustache styles!

The stereotype: a circus performer or hipster

The chevron moustache

The chevron moustache is less iconic than the handlebar, however, many iconic figures have famously worn a chevron moustache. Freddie Mercury famously sported a chevron moustache, which is thicker in shape than the handlebar, but less wide. This style was most popular in the 1970’s and is often recommended before moving into more extreme styles!

The stereotype: Freddie Mercury wannabe or a geography teacher

The walrus moustache

The walrus moustache is a more historical style. It became most popular after the First World War but has roots throughout history. The walrus is defined by its thickness and drooping shape. In the past, the walrus moustache was associated with intelligence.

The stereotype: 18th century French philosopher

The peach-fuzz

Not everyone can grow a moustache! The peach-fuzz moustache is a typically undefined shape, with some patches thicker than others. Men may opt to be clean-shaven to avoid the peach-fuzz moustache, but in the month of November, many men are choosing to grow out their peach-fuzz to spark important conversations about men’s health!

Will you be growing out your moustache this November?




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