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Jannie Harmse

“I was referred to a specialist at The Urology Hospital by our family doctor because of an increasing PSA level. After some tests and a biopsy I was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate. During a routine visit to the doctor I was told about Robotic Surgery. This less invasive procedure appealed to me. I had a radical prostatectomy on the morning of 24 October, spent the afternoon and night in intensive care. The next day I was transferred to a ward and the 3rd day I was discharged from hospital. During my stay in hospital and after being discharged I experienced very little pain or discomfort.
It would appear to me that Robotic Surgery is less traumatic and therefore fast-tracked the healing and recovery process.”

(October 2014)


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Urologists are highly trained specialist surgeons who use both medication and surgery as part of a comprehensive approach to care for men and women and children with urological problems. 


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