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Registered Nurse (Dialysis)

Applications are invited from persons who possess the requisite experience, and qualifications and suitably meet the corresponding requirements for this mission-critical vacant role.

Closing date: 30 May 2023

Contact: Sanmarie Marais      

 Tel: (012) 423-4033  | E-Mail:



Admission and Record keeping

  • Admission of the patient into the acute or chronic treatment unit, recording and recapping of medical and surgical history.
  • Obtain patient information and inform the billing department according to unit protocol.
  • Updating this information as the need arises according to unit protocol.
  • Obtain a Dialysis Prescription from the treating Nephrologist or Physician.
  • Update all patient files frequently and document all incidents to ensure medico-legal requirements are met.
  • Stock management: Responsible for ordering and billing of stock.

Patient Care

  • Ensure that the dialysis machine has been disinfected before use.
  • Lining and priming of machines with correct consumables.
  • Weighing the patient and calculating the dry weight and fluid removal.
  • Monitoring and recording of baseline vital signs.
  • Carry out all procedures strictly in accordance with unit protocol.
  • Administration of prescribed medication as per doctor’s orders.
  • Disinfect the machines as per protocol.
  • Education of patient on renal disease aetiology and treatment modes, blood results, support services and dietary restrictions.
  • Environmental safety and Infection control must be adhered.
  • Comply with Immunization policy.
  • Comply with all hospital SOP’s.

Quality initiative programme

  • Determine dialysis adequacy for all patients in the unit by performing kt/v and analyzing the results, discussing with the doctors and patients to change the prescription to ensure that the patient receives optimal dialysis continuously.
  • Managing patient’s nutritional status in the unit as per Renal Nutritional guidelines to ensure that patients are well nourished thereby improving quality of life and reducing mortality.
  • Managing patients’ anaemia profile according to Renal Anaemia Management Protocol to ensure that patients are not anaemia, therefore, improving quality of life and reducing mortality.
  • To care for all patient’s vascular access according to Vascular Access Protocol to ensure that patients are receiving adequate dialysis and to reduce vascular-related complications.
  • Adhere to safe work Ethics and create a safe physical environment by complying with Infection Control Standards and wearing protective clothing to prevent patients from cross-infection.
  • Adhere to protocol with regard to the maintenance of the water system and dialysis machines by sanitizing and sterilizing the R.O. and machines at all times.
  • Assess patient’s coagulation profiles in the unit by performing Standard blood tests to determine patient’s clotting times to enable changing of anticoagulation doses thereby preventing unnecessary clotting and blood loss.

Water and Machine Equipment

  • Coordinate the sanitization and sterilization of contaminant and chemical-free water to meet recommended standards as per AAMI.
  • Maintain the functioning of the water system in the unit by reading water pressures and analysing water samples regularly to ensure that water pressure is maintained at optimal levels, and to react promptly and correct abnormal water values.
  • Disinfection of dialysis machines as per protocol to prevent calcification and to ensure that machines are free from contaminants.
  • Service machines in the unit by maintaining machine service records.


  • Contain cost regarding to operational efficiency in the unit by effectively utilizing equipment and disposable.


  • University degree or equivalent diploma Registered General Nurse diploma at SANC
  • Previous experience as a Registered Nurse
  • 3 years Renal experience
  • Knowledge of renal anatomy and physiology
  • Clinical skills must include Aseptic techniques, Infection control standards, Venepuncture, Vital sign monitoring, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.
  • Aetiology and Pathophysiology of the renal disease and treatment modalities
  • Accurate, precise recording keeping, data capturing and monthly qualitative dialysis assessments, disinfection and maintenance record keeping.

Please note that the Urology Hospital is a smoking-free facility and an equal opportunity employer. Should you not hear from us within seven working days after the closing date please consider your application unsuccessful. POPIA sections provide that everyone has the right to privacy and it includes a right to protection against the unlawful collection, retention, dissemination, and use of personal information and any attached text or documentation that are retained by the Urolocare hospitals for a period in accordance with relevant data legislation.