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Graham Dominy (PhD Former National Archivist of South Africa)

Dear Mr Anthony and Mr Tredoux. I was admitted to the Urology Hospital on 3 September and discharged on 6 September 2020. I was a patient of Dr Laurie Blake and underwent various tests and a TURP procedure. The purpose of this message is to express my thanks and gratitude to all the staff of the Urology Hospital for the kindness, the care and the professionalism with which I was treated. I was very impressed by the day ward and theatre staff and by Dr Blake and his team for the efficient and highly professional treatment I received. The staff who undertook the earlier tests were also very friendly and comforting. Once I was admitted to A Ward I had nothing but superb service. Not only were the nursing staff efficient and kindness itself but they went out of their way to be friendly and helpful. I do not remember all the names, but I would particularly like to single out Sister Belinda and her team. As somebody who has headed a complex institution during my career, it was obvious to me that I was not only dealing with nice people, but with an institutional culture that put the interests of the patients at the heart of what they were doing. So I include the board and management of the hospital in my thanks because they are responsible for selecting the fine people who are now working at the hospital, training them, motivating them and giving them all the authority and support they need to do their jobs. Once more, many thanks and blessings on the work you do.

Amanda (and Ben) Nel

Dear Mr Anthony

As an employee of one of the doctors, and the wife of the patient, I went through an admission with my husband last Friday, not the first one.  Related to sequelae of prostate cancer treatment.  At least I was allowed in the building because I work here, Covid has sure changed our world negatively!  From the word go, everyone that crossed his (and my) path was so friendly and helpful and reassuring – I just want them to know it’s not taken for granted, you do it 100 times each day but for the patient who is nervous and scared and in pain its like a first.  Your kindness to me eased my stress levels too.

From the front door screening process, admissions (Monique), the staff of day ward, the anaesthetist Dr D vd Merwe, Dr Lance Coetzee, Hendre Vivier from Endovision, the cleaners, the kitchen staff – a huge thank you!!!

May you be blessed always.

Paul Thomson

To whom it may concern Recently I have been admitted three times to your hospital, two were routine and scheduled while the 3rd was an emergency admission. I realise how difficult it is to maintain efficient and friendly service levels during this COVID-19 crisis. I was initially admitted at 6 am on 16 June 2020, the reception staff, while under pressure to process all the patients performed well and were very courteous. I proceeded to the urodynamic services and I must commend the nurse who performed the tests, she made what could have been a highly embarrassing procedure, very comfortable for me as a patient. Unfortunately I did not get her name. After the tests and scan I was admitted into the day ward, here the staff was exceptional and helped calm the nerves. A person worth mentioning was Constance(?) she transported me to the theatre and back and was very well natured. I do not think that she was actually part of the nursing staff but rather a porter or equivalent position. Unfortunately due to complications I had to stay overnight and was transferred to ward G, here the staff was also of a high standard. A young nurse on night duty also made a strong impression I cannot remember her name , my apologies for that, but at a best guess her first name was Mamabolo. Unfortunately on Saturday night 18 July, I developed complications and needed an emergency admission, fortunately the communication between my surgeon and the matron was perfect and even under the urgent conditions I was treated extremely well and could finalise the admission once the emergency had abated, kudos to your reception staff on facilitating the admission. I had previously observed that your staff always explained what they were doing or going to do before they did it almost deferring to the patient. The sister treating my urgent case realised the urgency in my case and just got stuck in and relieved the symptoms. A quick, no nonsense efficient procedure, absolutely brilliant. After the procedure she then became the efficient friendly sister that I have found at your hospital. Later the matron looked in during the night to see how I was doing, I really appreciated that. I remained in the ward G1 until Thursday afternoon, again the care from the staff was exceptional, Makani and Gift are worth mentioning specifically. The night nursing aid Ms Lindy Peterse also lifted the spirits every evening. I spent my birthday in the ward and all the ward staff and the catering staff made my day special, that was really appreciated. The catering staff were also great as were the meals, especially when one understands the complexities of preparing and distributing specific meals at specific times to specific places. My third and last visit was smooth and uneventful and characterised by the same levels of service and competence. I know that I have forgotten some very dear carers in your employ and I apologize to them, for forgetting, but I was not always myself during my stay. Please convey my thanks to all that interacted with me during my stay.

Mathilda Carshagen

Good day, I want to thank everybody that helped my son, Reitz Carshagen this morning with his testicular torsion, especially Dr Aire. All personnel were kind and helpful in what was a very stressful situation for me and my son. Thank you so much. Mathilda

Janessa Urquhart

I feel like I have checked into the Ritz Hotel! From an awful experience at a different hospital last week to this! From the COVID-19 screening centre, where the nurses pushed me ahead of the queue because they saw I was in pain, to the kind gentleman at reception and the angels in ward G! Even my crazy allergies have been catered to far better than I could have dreamt! Recommend The Urology Hospital highly!

Sharifa Ahmed Noormahomed

The Management and Staff of the Urology Hospital I would hereby like to commend you on your excellent level of service. I was admitted to the Urology Hospital by Dr. Thys Engelbrecht for a nephrectomy on the 16th of April 2020 during the strict level 5 lockdown restrictions of Covid-19. Your warmth and kindness went way beyond the call of duty. So, Dr. Roux and your team, please know that you were appreciated. The same goes for the tea lady who went out of her way to ensure that I was getting halaal food, and also the lady who insisted that I take her Vaseline when the pharmacy was closed. My only regret is that I don’t have your names to thank you specifically. May God bless you abundantly and keep you all safe in these trying times.



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