Rudolph de Wet

I was admitted to the Urology Hospital, Hatfield, Pretoria, on 24 January 2023 for a prostate biopsy by my Urologist, Dr Kabo Ijane.

I was discharged on 25 January 2023.

Dr Ijane is also a resident Urologist at the Hospital.

He utilised Dr Antonio Pera as Aneasthetist.

I can only recommend Dr Ijane as a Urologist of the highest competence and professionalism.

I was kept informed throughout the process and experienced only slight discomfort and pain (sensitivity) after the procedure, which was addressed by the medicine he prescribed via the Urology Hospital Pharmacy.

He is professional, friendly and caring, but to the point, and charged my medical aid rates which was settled without co-payment. I cannot thank you enough Dr Kabo.

Allow me to mention Dr Pera’s friendly and caring competence as well, who did a thorough evaluation before administering the aneasthesia.

Lastly, I want to extend my gratitude to the theatre, ward and administration staff who cared for me since my arrival, throughout the procedure and afterwards, until my discharge. The hospital is certainly a centre of excellence, offering service of the highest standards and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Nobody wants to go to a hospital, but if you have to, this is the one where you want to be cared for.